Naijpay Review: Is Naijpay Really Paying or Scam?

Even website today seems to have naira is in lol. If you have come here to inquire from the almighty income earning, you are welcome. Many income site are springing up like never before. Can you believe that I have being able to list over 50 income website I’m Nigera, and every single one of them usually have a form of similarity with others, this is because they mostly use the same php script (the software) with just a little customizations. Do not brother asking your question, we know why you are here, you simply want to know if naijpay is legit or probably another big scam. Well I got the answer, all you have to do is hang on and let’s discover more.


What is naijpay?
naijpay is just another brand of the popular income site called nnu forum. Oh yes, nothing more. It was founded by some of the richest bloggers in Nigeria, this doesn’t mean it is legit as no blogger is going to finance the system.
Like other Income Programs availible, Naijpay Income Program describe itself as an income program with the mission of tackling  financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity.
The naijpay income program is powered and backed by TM  digital solutions which is registered under the Cooperate Affair Commison (CAC) with a registration number RC2722498.
In this modern day, it seems that due to the corrupt nature of the country even well known scammers are also registered. Therefore the platform having a registration number is not a metric to determiming if it is legit or not.


How do you earn from naijpay?
Different tasks usually called activities carries a different price tag on it, all you have to do is successful complete that task. The activities and prices are listed below for easy comprehension.
Unlike other income programs like ATPAYS and the rest, the way you earn from naijpay is classified into three heading.


Revenue share.
This involves earning for reading, posting or even comment on news found on the website.
Affiliate revenue.
Just like others, naijpay pays you 50% of the registration fee of anybody you refer to the system. Being that the registration fee is #1000, you are being paid #500 for each person you refer to the system.
Quiz and competition earning.
This is what makes it quite distinct from the other income programs around. If you got a flowing stream of knowledge, you can actually compete in any of these quiz for free as long as you are a member and win cash prizes along.


So how exactly do I earn on naijpay?
On naijpay you earn 
  • #50 whenever you login daily, meaning you could earn #1500 a month if you login everyday.
  • #5 for reading or commenting on articles.
  • #100 for sharing sponsored post on your Facebook timeline. This usually comes daily.
  • #500 which is 50% of the registration fee of the people you refer to the program. There is no limit to this, even of you refer 100 people, you will still get paid.
  • An undeterminable amount of money from quizes and competition.


How to register on naijpay.
 To register at all you need to do is to visit their website and purchase a naijpay income pack for the sum of #1000. Immediately you buy the pack you are granted an automatic membership. You can pay for the pack either by using your debit card (which is also called ATM card) or by using a coupon code whidht is being purchased from their agents.




I cannot really say if naijpay is legit or not, as I have not being able to see any alert prove. Therefore toi have to be careful to ensure that any prove of payment used to convince you is authentic and not just a main bait. Good luck.


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