Jobirra Review : Another Income Earning Paying Platform

Hey there, my sincere welcome. You see this life most times could be actually predictable, oh yes, life is predictable but it only becomes predictable to you only if you got the experience required to predict.
There is a popular saying that you can fool everybody most of the time but you cannot fool somebody some people all the time.There have been lots of Income websites coming to existence since the discovery of the Corona virus, some turned out to be a Scam while some are Legit. Oh yes.
This review is going to be a quite short one (you would know the reason by the end of the article) so let’s get started.


What is jobirra?
Jobirra is a platform created by Paul Samson that enables people to earn by providing answers to people’s questions. Oh yes, it is actually meant to be something like quora or medium. However you have to put into careful consideration that teaches founder and CEO of the system Paul Samson is one man whose name has joined the evoked set (a name that immediately comes to mind when a particular Industry is being mentioned) as Akin Alabi the founder of Nairabet would say.
The platform was definitely created so that people can generate income. So let us take a good look of how we are expected to earn from the platform.


First of all, it is important to know that the platform is comply free to join. Oh yes, you do not have to pay a single dime to participate. So if you got a lot of free time to burn, you can simply just sign up and explore it at no finami loss to you.


At jobirra you simply make money by answering questions and reading news. You also earn #500 for every person you refer to the platform. 


You are also about to request a withdrawal once you get to a minimum threshold of #12000. That is so fucking high. In fact I have a question for you, who does that?


My conclusion
I do not consider jobirra as a legit system to make money, in fact I see it as a startup just like taxify and the rest and not an income program. Just sit down and think about it, how would they pay you #500 per each person you refer when to register is free of charge. I smell fowl play and it is not good. The only known way jobirra generates revenue is through ads. They only make money from adertisment in form of banner and google AdSense in form of pay per click banners. So how on Earth do they expect to pay even one tenth of the population of Nigerians. This is unimaginable.
However as I said before, you can just register (at least it is free to register) and get to see it for yourself.


A word of advice : Although i do not know how true this is,  Do not be in a hurry to join this Program because your email might be sold to spammers (people who send you junk marketing emails).


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