Cliqpay Review: How To Register on Cliqpay Platform

Corona virus has opened the eyes of many people including married men to the reality of making money online. The few days of lockdown has witnessed the automatic rise of various income sites with one name or the other. The good thing about these income sites is that due to the rate at which people are ready to invest online, they grow very fast, therefore they are able to pay their members. Do not forget scammers are still everywhere, in fact there is this notorious guy on Facebook who has scammed over 10 people, in fact he almost scammed me. So be very careful to investigate any platform or person before you invest your money.
Today I am going to you about a new income website called cliqpay. Yeah it is just another brand of all other income sites like ATPAYS and NNU FORUM. They pay you for referring other people to the platform and for also performing some micro tasks like reading news, posting news and sharing sponsored links or articles on your Facebook timeline.
What this simply means is if you want to get engaged in this platform you quite need a Facebook account.


Is cliqpay scam?
Now the truth is that most platforms start up with a genuine intention but due to certain conditions which mostly is bankruptcy close up. When they do close up people call it scam. Therefore the strength of any forum like cliqpays depends on the management skills of the founders.
For now cliqpay is paying people like never before but as nobody knows tomorrow, I cannot guarantee that they will be there forever.


From my research the forum currently has a little above 6k members, this for me is a good sign because judging from its competitors like ATPAYS, cliqpay may get up to 100k members in no time.


How does cliqpay generate revenue?
Other big brands like ATPAYS and  lpv forum generate a bulk of their revenue from ads, with such a huge amount of traffic coming to their website every single day, they are able to generate a bulk of income from ads.
Oh yes, in the blogging industry, you could actually make money whenever anyone clicks on an advert. So let’s imagine the pay the click is $0.5, and out of 100k members 20k click on an advert, that would automatically translate to $10000 everyday, and $10000 in naira is about #4000000 daily.
Ok, let’s leave the ads aspect of generating revenue, they also generate revenue via the sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, people actually pay to have their brands promoted using that method.


But for cliqpay the most visible way they generate revenue is from the registration fee members pay.
The site does not serve any advert from sources like google and mgid. Therefore I would not advise you to register as it may be extremely difficult for them to generate revenue with which you are being paid.


How can I earn on cliqpay?
There are different ways you can make money on cliqpay.
For example 
  • Whenever you login daily you automatically earn #100. Meaning if you login everyday for the period of one month, you automatically earn #3000.
  • Immediately you register as a member, you earn #300 as a welcome or registration bonus. You can only earn this once.
  • For every article you read, you earn #10.
  • You also have the leverage of earning #100 for every post you post on the website that gets approved. To this there is no limit.
  • Sharing sponsored post on your Facebook timeline earns you #200.
  • Whenever you refer someone to get registered at cliqpays, you earn #700. There is also no limit to this, even if you refer 1000 people you will get paid.


How to register at cliqpay.
Simply go to (please note that is different from
Click on the register now link.
You will be required to pay a one time fee of #1200.


Withdrawal policy.


Referral earners.
If you got some referral earning, you need to have a minimum of #1400 before you can apply for withdrawal. And all withdrawals for this category are made on Saturday.


Non referral earners.
If you only make money through the various activities like sharing of sponsored post and reading news, you would be required to have a minimum of #5000 before you can apply for withdrawal.
And all withdrawals take place on Thursdays and Fridays.




Although I do not personally consider it wise to join this particular platform, I have not actually heard any bad report from my friends about it. In fact it has one advantage over others, can you guess? As a non Affiliate earner you can make withdrawal weekly unlike ATPAYS where withdrawal for non referral earners are made monthly.


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